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Hometown Pride

Hometown Pride is the LGBT communities’ way to connect with people back in our hometowns, and make sure they know why it’s important they vote to elect Senator Obama in November. It’s important to remember all the contacts we have -- even if we don’t live near them anymore -- and talk to them.

As LGBT people, we know what’s at stake. It’s important that people know that John McCain offers more of the same failed policies of George Bush. It’s important that the people who care about us know just how much this election impacts our own lives – as well as their own.

This is a way we can make a difference all across the country -- particularly in crucial battleground states.

What You Can Do To Help

Find five people back in your hometown to talk to about Barack and Joe. When you talk with these people, tell them why you personally support Barack. These are your friends and people who know you – tell your own story.

Think about people you’re still close to, like family members – but also think about people you might not have talked to in years, like old teachers, mentors and friends.

Let us know who you talk with. When you find a supporter, enter their contact information on this form.


Here are some issue flyers that might help in your conversations.

• LGBT Issues
• Economy
• Health Care
• Foreign Policy
• More Issues

Get more tips here about who to talk with and what to say.

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