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Report Your Call to WGN

Call into the "Extension 720" show with Milt Rosenberg tonight, September 15th, between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. at (312) 591-7200.

Then report back on your call and sign up for the Obama Action Wire using the form to the right.

Tips for making your call:
  • Be honest, but be civil.
  • Be persistent. It may take a few attempts to get through to the show. Just keep trying. Your call is important.
  • Use the talking points below to help you speak confidently and concisely.
The Facts on Freddoso's book, The Case Against Barack Obama:
  • Freddoso asks Barack, "How many unrepentant Communist terrorists do you have as friends?" [p. 126] This question is so ridiculous it refutes itself. Barack might as well ask Freddoso how many leprechauns he’s friends with.
  • Claims about taxes are “simply wrong”:

• LIE: "Meanwhile, he argues that the wealthy need to pay more in taxes, and in March he voted to raise yours if your taxable income is greater than $32,500 a year." [p. xiii]

• TRUTH: The McCain Campaign "Is Simply Wrong To Say Obama Supported Raising Taxes On Those Making 'As Little As $32,000 A Year.'" [, 7/8/08]

  • Claims about "born alive" bill are completely inaccurate:

• LIE: "Three years later, he would offer this explanation for his opposition to the Illinois legislation in The Audacity of Hope: It mandated lifesaving measures for premature babies (the bill didn’t mention that such measures were already the law) – but also extended 'personhood' to pre-viable fetuses, thereby effectively overturning Roe v. Wade. This is not true. Such measures were not already the law in Illinois." [p. 198]

• TRUTH: Illinois Law Stated That A Doctor Must Preserve The Life And Health Of A Fetus If In The Course Of An Abortion, There Is Reasonable Likelihood Of Sustained Survival. [Illinois Compiled Statutes, 720 ILCS 510/6]

  • Freddoso has no understanding of Chicago politics:

• LIE: "When Veteran Cook County Boss John Stroger faced a strong and credible challenge in the 2006 primary election from a reform-minded liberal Democrat, Obama said nothing…Obama's silence had probably saved Cook County's political kingpin." [pp. 8, 14]

• TRUTH: Obama's Neutrality Sent "A Silent Signal" That Was Helpful To Claypool. [Chicago Sun-Times, 3/16/06]

• TRUTH: Stroger Supported Hynes Against Obama In The Primary, Came With Stroger Machine Bodies. [From Promise To Power, pp. 207 – 208]

A history of vicious partisan attacks:

  • Freddoso Accused Hillary Clinton Of Getting Botox Treatments, Said Listening To Bill Clinton Gave Him "Nausea." [Human Events, 7/27/04]
  • Freddoso Said John Kerry Used "Anti-American Rhetoric." [Human Events, 9/3/04]

Freddoso Thinks He's an Expert on Everything:

  • Freddoso Criticized Mental Health Parity Legislation, Accused Patrick Kennedy Of Using Rehab As A Ploy To Generate Sympathy. [National Review Online, 5/15/07]
  • Freddoso Called Hate Crimes Legislation "Thought Police." [Human Events, 6/25/04]
  • Freddoso Called SCHIP "Welfare For Those Already Faring Well." [National Review Online, 8/22/07]
  • Freddoso Accused Michael Schiavo And The ACLU Of Trying To Starve Terri Schiavo. [Human Events, 11/3/03]
  • Freddoso: Kyoto Protocol Will "Destroy Manufacturing [...] And Cause Millions Of Jobs To Be Lost." [Human Events, 12/2/03]


The Obama Action Wire relies on the strength of supporters like you to respond to smears and other important issues as they happen.