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The Details

Obama Calling Party (Phone Bank)
We will get together to watch Obama's Tv message and make calls to battle ground states.
Host: Nancy Jennings
Contact Phone: 619 659-1225
Jennings House (Alpine, CA)
2105 Avenida Del Cielo
Alpine, CA 91901
Directions: Take I-8 east to Tavern Rd. Go right on Tavern for about 2 miles. Turn right on South Grade Rd. Go about half a mile and turn left on Alpine Heights Rd. Go about a mile and turn right on Avenida Del Cielo. Our house is the last one on the right. The address is 2105 Avenida Del Cielo.

Other Signups

0 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 25 attendees.