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Host a Bake Sale for Obama! (Organizing)
It's awesome. In just 2 days, MoveOn members have set up hundreds of bake sales to fund MoveOn's campaign to win the White House. There's the "No Pie in the Sky" bake sale in Brattleboro, VT, "Baked Goods We Can Believe In" in Seymour, TN, and a bake sale led by nine-year-old Alex in Missouri. And the best part: most of these folks have never done anything like this before! But most neighborhoods still have nothing set up. That needs to change if we're going to make this the biggest bake sale in history. Can you set up a bake sale on Saturday, June 21st or Sunday, June 22nd in your neighborhood? We'll hook you up with folks to help do the baking! We're flooded with volunteer bakers, but we still need more bake sales in your area. Click here to help:
Host: William Ingram
From Your Computer (Salem, OR)
Salem, OR 97302

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