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The Details

Inauguration Replay Party! (Meeting)
Come watch the Inauguration and join us for this historic nationwide party! We will show the morning's Inaugural Ceremonies replayed in full as well as live coverage of the evening balls and parties on six large plasma screens. We'll be hugging strangers, kissing friends, popping bottles, and cheering for our President Barack Obama! Like the ecstatic jubilation on election night, you will not want to stay home while Seattle comes together for the party of a lifetime! Doors open at 4pm and we'll start replaying the Inauguration at 6pm. There will food and premium drink specials all night long! Happy hour from 4-7pm! The Showbox Sodo, 1700 1st Avenue S, two blocks south of the stadiums. Plenty of free parking and frequent buses available. This nationwide Neighborhood Ball will be one for the history books and a grand night to remember. We helped Obama to bring HOPE and CHANGE to our country and now it's time to CELEBRATE! YES WE CAN!
Host: Robert Jones
Showbox Sodo (Seattle, WA)
1700 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98101
Directions: On 1st Ave S two blocks south of the stadiums

Other Signups

16 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 400 attendees.