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Live Changein’08 Radio Broadcast, Downtown SD (Meeting)
Come witness and participate in (ask a question on the air) the first Changein08 Radio Show, a live Internet broadcast produced, hosted, archived and delivered by grass roots professional radio volunteers. OR CALL IN YOUR QUESTIONS during the show at 888-327-0061.
The show is designed to create a live national forum where conversations about the critical choice we will make on November 4 can be discussed in an informational rather than a confrontational way
; with real voter needs and concerns being the subject matter.
This election is really about us; if we can drop the labels that both parties have used to divide us; if we can ignore the negative and personal attacks that distract us; if we can ask questions and talk about issues in a bipartisan fashion, then maybe our politicians will be able to do the same. In other words, WE can be the change WE have been waiting for!
Host: Jesse Wacht
Grand Central Café (San Diego, CA)
500 West Broadway (at India St.)
San Diego, CA 92101
Directions: At India st., 1 block from American Plaza Trolley & 2 blocks from Santa Fe Depot stations – parking meters are readily available on that side of town

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