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Leo's For Obama: "Happy Birthday Celebration" (Meeting)
Let's get together for dinner and card signing at one of San Diego's finest restaurants. We'll cheer Sen.Barack Obama on in spirit for his (leo), August 4th (47th) birthday. You will be taking pictures and signing the very large birthday card that will be sent to Barack for his birthday. All are welcome whether you are a Leo or you know one that you want to bring just to celebrate their own birthday also. Let's keep our Obama team spirit going by having our face in the place. Please feel free to wear/bring your Obama gear if you have it. Voter registration forms will be available.
Host: Carol Corbin
Magnolias - Authentic Southern Dining (San Diego, CA)
Market Creek Plaza
342 Euclid Avenue
San Diego, CA 92114
Directions: Hwy.94 & Euclid Ave. exit, southwest corner of Euclid Ave.& Market. Since this is a popular restaurant, after you sign-up below, please also call Magnolias (619-262-6005) and make reservations.

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