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Bridge to Somewhere: A Brooklyn Evening For Barack Obama (Fundraising)

WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR EVENT ON OCTOBER 6TH IS FULL! As some of you are coming here to the site to re-login and finalize/fulfill your pledges to confirm your RSVPS, a very few spots may yet open up. Scroll down the page to see if the RSVP/Contribution form is available.

If not, we know many of you still want to donate in these last crucial weeks of the campaign. YOU STILL CAN.

Click this link: Bridge to Donate Somewhere to contribute funds that will help to register voters in Ohio, drive people to polls in Pennsylvania, and call swing voters in New Mexico. This is the most important political contribution of your life!!!

HOSTS (as of 9/20): Amy Bender • Amy Cohen • Ana Gasteyer & Charlie McKittrick • Andy Bachman & Rachel Altstein • Andy Borowitz & Olivia Gentile • Andy Brown & Mary Beth Fella • Barrie Gillies • Barry Scheck • Becky Mode • Bonnie Siegler & Jeff Scher • Cecilia Schmidt & David Goddy • Chloe Wasserman & Adam Mansky • David Goldberg & Wesley Weissberg • David Mode & Liz Pitofsky • David Shenk & Alex Beers • Greg Berman & Carolyn Vellenga Berman • Hillary Richard & Peter McCabe • Holley Atkinson & Stephen Plumlee • Janet Gochman & Josh Rabinowitz • Judy Goldberg & Matt Brune • Leslie & Andy Schultz • Lori Leibovich • Nate & Jessica Tolliver-Shaw • Nicholas Turner & Theresa Trzaskoma • Noah & Lylla Carter • Pamela Reis & Kevin Hyman • Paul Feldsher & Gary Petersen • Penny Shane & Paul Curnin • Ralph & Audrey Goldberg • Sam Apple • Sarah Williams • Susan & Peter Fischbein • Susan Povich & Ralph Gorham • Ted Wolff & Anne Clarke Wolff • Vicki Eastus & Ted Janger • Wendy Blattner & Tom Inck

Go All In: $2,300 to the campaing, plus $28,500 to the Obama Victory Fund

Maximum Online Donation: $2,300 per person (if you are half of a couple, please consider signing up separately)

Minimum Contribution: $400 per person (at this point, we now have a wait list of folks who have already contributed more than that, so please do consider contributing this amount vs. our original $200) - dig as deep as you can, this is basically your last chance to help Obama/Biden defeat McCain/Palin)

Host: Bridge to Somewhere Core Steering Committee
Bubby's Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
One Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Directions: F train to York Street A train to Cadman Plaza and walk down toward the river


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325 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 320 attendees.