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Kennedy Health Security Act of 2009 Weekend Day 2- Lafayette Park (across from White House) (Let's Get It Done: Health Insurance Reform Now Events)
Health Security is a Right not a privilege. Join us at the SW corner of Lafayette Square to remind President Obama and his advisors of our Intention and Demand for Healthcare for All Americans with Single Payer or a Robust Public Option. Health Security begins NOW.

Link to tentative agenda:
Host: Crystal Thompson
Contact Phone: 240-841-2773
Lafayette Square - SW Corner (Washington, DC)
Lafayette SQ - Across from White House
Washington, DC 20006
Directions: McPherson SQuare
Join Organizing for America members across the country in sending their members of Congress back to D.C. with a clear message about health insurance reform: Let's Get It Done!

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The capacity limit is 100 attendees.