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Meet and Walk for Change (Community Service)
San Diegan's for Obama, in a move to get residents of the fouth council district, (known as a community of African American, Latino's and others), will meet and walk for change. On Saturday August 2, 2008 from Martin Luther King Jr. park located on 6401 Skyline Drive. San Diego, CA 92114 to make sure that community resident are ready to go, come election time (Nov. 4, 2008) The meet and walk will start at 9:00 a.m. each saturday come out for become apart of history in the making... fired up and ready to go!
Host: Abdur-Rahim Hameed
Contact Phone: 619 865-9057
Martin Luther King Jr. Park (San Diego, CA)
6401 Skyline Drive
San Diego, CA 92114

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