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The Details

After January 20, 2009 (Community Service)
OBAMA supporters, will you pledge to stay involved AFTER January 20, 2009? This involvement can take several forms:
1) Participate in local council meetings.
2) Stay in touch with Representatives and Senators about issues that are important to you.
3) Talk with neighbors about what they can do to have an impact in the community.
4) Set up a website with information about an issue that concerns you along with links to contact elected officials.
5) And for some, ask yourself if you are willing to serve in elected office.

Perhaps there is one issue that you could learn more about. Take the time to find out what others think about the issue. What are the different sides to the issue? Which committee in Congress deals with that particular issue? Are there any bills before the House or Senate regarding the issue?


How will you support Barack Obama throughout his Presidency? We have the ability to bring about real change in Washington. United, we can achieve it.

Take the time to tell Barack Obama what issue you care about: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/mypolicy
Host: Bobbie Sue Grenerth
United States of America (Washington, DC)
Washington, DC 20500
Directions: This event takes place where YOU live!

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