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Platform - National Guardianship Reform Desperately Needed (Platform Meeting)
We will have several meetings and conference calls where family members of victims of the broken guardianship system can craft ideas, send in their stories and help put together the statements to submit to the Platform Committee. We need to get this done in the next week. In America we hear more and more about the rising epidemic of Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. Too often the very systems set up to help our frail elderly result in even more abuse and financial exploitation through the broken Guardianship System in the Civil courts. While these systems may help the indigent and there are some success stories there are many stories where the lives of the disabled person and their loved ones are devastated by the results. In cases where the disabled person has money the petition process itself and the guardianship system can be and is used by those who know how to play the game to further victimize the disabled person, fleecing their estate of the elderly person and destroying not only their lives but also the lives of family members who try to help. So in the end it is John Q. Public, the everyday American Taxpayer who foots the bill for this nightmare. At these meetings and conference calls family members of victims of the broken guardianship system and other sincere interested parties can help craft our position for the Platform committee and can send in their stories to submit to the Platform Committee. Our goal is to submit this critical issue and also to see if we can testify to the committee. Please call or email if you wish to join this discussion and help us make America a better place for our elderly in the future. We could all be victims one day is we do not do something to fix this problem. NATIONAL ELDER ABUSE AND GUARDIANSHIP VICTIMS TASKFORCE FOR CHANGE Louann Anderson (Texas)- Rudy Bush (Colorado) - Sharon Denny (Washington) Ray Fernandez (Florida)- Jeff Golin (California) - Angela Jacobs (Illinois) - Kim Manier (Texas) - Jeanette Nevilles (Minnesota / Tennessee) - Janet Phelan (California) - Bonnie Reiter (Florida) - Latifa Ring (Texas/Deleware) - William Roberts (California) - Robert Sarhan (Florida) - Bonnie Jean Smith (Minnesota) - Hon. Sylvester Turner (Texas) - Gerard Wallace, ESQ - (New York) Robin Westmiller (California / Florida) - Robert Gladson (Florida / Indiana) - Richard Half (Pennsylvania) - Ruby Tanner (Texas)
Host: Latifa Ring
Conference Call (Houston, TX)
Conference Call
Houston, TX 77002
Directions: Please email if you wish to participate or call (713) 896-0511

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