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THE DATE OF THIS EVENT IS THE LAST DAY TO SEND OUT POSTCARDS.---------------------------------------------------------- For those who do not like phone banking this is the event for you. Obama Supporters across the USA AND THE WORLD are writing postcards explaining why they support Obama. This is an inexpensive way to help our candidate win the swing states and undecided voters. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT IF YOU WILL BE SENDING POSTCARDS OUT. YOU MUST PUT "YES" FOR ATTENDING OR YOU WILL NOT COUNT AS PARTICIPATING. WE ARE TRYING TO KEEP A COUNT AS I KEEP IN TOUCH WITH TALISA. -------------------------------- Write as many postcards (10 or more) as you would like and place postcard stamps on them. 4x6 postcards = $.27 stamp. Any postcard larger than this is $.42 stamp. ------------------------------------------------- POSTCARD INSTRUCTIONS: 1. We request at least 10 postcards (that represent your city or state) from each person. ----------------------------------------- 2. Write a sentence telling why you support Obama and another sentence asking for their support. Example: Dear Fellow Voter, I voted for (or I am voting for) Barack Obama for President because I believe that integrity and character has a place in American politics. He has the type of leadership we need right now. I hope that you will vote for him too. Sincerely, (Sign Your Name) phone, address, e-mail, and website are optional ------------------------------------------------------ 3. Put a stamp on each postcard, leaving the return address and mailing address areas blank. Then put them in an envelope and mail them to: WFO Post Card Campaign 193 E. Rich Street Columbus, OH 43215 PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT WRITE THE DATE ON YOUR POSTCARD. ALSO, DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT MCCAIN/PALIN. The postcards must be appropriate pictures not babies butts, nudity, thongs, or any picture that would offend the voter. Over 100's of postcards were not sent out for the primaries due to those reasons and more. IF YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN POSTCARD WE SUGGEST NOTHING WITH OBAMA, BIDEN, OR DEMOCRATIC ON THE FRONT. There have been some problems and we also do not want it to look like it came for the campaign. We want this to be a testimonial of why you are supporting Senator Obama. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help with this event. Lynn Branco -- Postcard for Votes Team Leader------------------------------ If you would like the instructions in a word document, please e-mail me at ARE YOU FIRED UP AND READY TO GO? I KNOW I AM! Yes We Can! And We Can't Wait!
Host: Lynn Branco
USA, CA 90291

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